Kids are back in school – TIME for a deep clean!


This is the month that you finally can breath. You’ve been living all summer and letting messy fingers ruin walls and dump soapy water and play with sand on too-hot days. NOW, everyone is back in school and you’re looking around the house and EGAD! Colonial Cleaning Company angels to the rescue.

We know that you cannot afford regular cleanings. We know this is unusual. We also know that we LOVE to help you get back on track. We can send a professional organizer over to put things away and back in their places or make a place for them, with you. We can send a team over to clean from top to bottom and everything in between. We’ll have your house in tip-top shape by next week.

Give us a call for your fall cleaning. Fall isn’t just the end of summer and back-to-school for the children – It is a time of renewal for the home.

We’re located in New Kent, but offer affordable cleaning services in New Kent, Williamsburg, James City County, York County, Gloucester, Yorktown, West Point, Providence Forge, Brickshire, Quinton, Hanover and Lanexa with no extra charges for mileage. 757-566-1972

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