Office Party clean up, in Williamsburg


We love one-time cleans. REALLY. We love move-out cleans and holiday cleans and spring cleans and after-party cleans.

We enjoy the break from routine and the feeling of satisfaction that comes from “seeing”the result of an organization job or a move out clean or an after-party clean. That “seeing” doesn’t actually happen with routine cleans. The owner notices it – but once a home is cleaned on a regular basis – it is always clean. And always looks it. The REAL beauty of regular cleaning from a service. We clean and sanitize and polish so you are always ready for drop-in company.

Don’t get me wrong – we LOVE the relationship that we have with our families that we offer regular, routine house cleans. We get to know them, they trust us, and they COUNT on us to keep their home healthy and looking and smelling clean.

But getting an organization job or a one-time clean? We LOVE that. If you are setting up a venue for your holiday party and need some help with the clean-up afterwards, call Colonial Cleaning Company: 757-566-1972

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