Do you cringe when you open closets?


You know that you cringe when you open closet doors and you know it really doesn’t matter as long as you can find things, right? Is that true, though? When you open the door and cringe, it creates stress. It also takes TIME that you might not have to straighten and neaten and tidy. But, the STRESS of opening that door. That has to be worth the 15 minutes.

The beauty of hiring Colonial Cleaning Company to straighten your linen closet or Christmas decorations or toy boxes is that it doesn’t stress us to to look at it. It excites us to help you and take this off your plate. It makes us feel like we have something to “shake a stick at” (to quote my granny)

Call us to help you organize. It doesn’t take us as long as it would you – and we LOVE it – it doesn’t stress us out and doesn’t look daunting. We love helping Williamsburg residents organize. We don’t charge extra for Providence Forge or Toano or Gloucester. We work in Kent and Yorktown with no extra charges for mileage. We love to organize the homes on Williamsburg – call us, today! 757-566-1972

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